Fifteen years have passed since the destruction of Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. Once before, five years after the end, Starclan sent a message to their decendants. You are warriors they whispered, Follow your hearts. The loners had done so, creating their clans; Duskclan, Dawnclawn, Stormclan, Breezeclan, Birchclan, and Thornclan. They lived in relative peace for ten years. However, on the dawn of the tenth, dark seeds begun to sprout fourth from their mind. Planted by the spirits too dark to roam even the skies, they turned cats hostile and rash. Battles broke fourth, and simple border fights turned to war between the six clans. Once more, the Clans were destroyed.
Four seasons passed. War waged, lives were lost. It seemed that there would be no end to the bloodshed. Until the night of a Green-Leaf full moon, when the skies bled red with the blood of their fallen. Starclan was silent. But gathering beneath the scarlet sky, both former warriors and rogues alike knew what had to be done. This could not go on. They had to unite. But can these cats put aside their grudges and hatred, their feuds and fighting, to bring the clans forth anew? Or will these they their end, just as the generations before them have?
In the end, it's up to you. Enter the world of warriors, and walk among those who have fallen from starlight.


September 23rd, 2015 by ♏aple♢
Fallen Starlight Updates

What's this, you might ask? Two updates in one month? Why couldn't this wait until October first! What blasphemy! And to that I would answer, there's a lot to talk about! So much, that we just couldn't stand to wait one more week to fill you all in. Yeah, its that much! So why waste time talking, right? Lets get right into this month's second Fallen Starlight Update!

Ic Updates

Leaf-Fall is here! Gone are the days of warm hours sunning, plentiful prey, and easy pickings. Life in the basin is harsh no matter what the season, and Leaf-Fall especially is a difficult time. Don't get distracted by the beautiful golden leaves or the crisp morning air- that wind hints at something far more sinister. Snows come early in the mountains. Each second is a race against the clock. And with pouring rain and burrowing prey, the race is a short one. Those old enough to remember past years will recall the towering snows, larger than any cat could be. The long moons and preyless bellies. Fear hangs in the air just as clearly as last night's rain. Will the clans be able to survive the Leaf-Bare having formed so recently? Only time will tell.

Cedarclan is the name that the cats sheltering among the towering cedars of the sunset plains have taken on. Named after the massive trees surrounding their home, it means more than just that. Lead by Starlingfur, they have vowed to last just as long and stand just as tall as their forest. A pillar of strength in these trying times, they value tradition, perseverance, and family values. Though only a short time has passed since their formation, they've already become a closeknit group. With two litters of newborn kits and another on the way, their population is skyrocketing impressively. They might have as many cats in their clan as there are trees in the forest at this rate, some say! With a camp built and regular patrols being sent out, this clan is in good shape.

The two litters of kits having been born belong to a former loner named Featherpaw, and the clan's leader Starlingfur. Featherpaw has given birth to two sons- twin tabbies named Quailkit and Quiverkit. Starlingfur has given birth to four kits, fathered by the senior warrior Birchtail. Two toms and two she-cats. Shrikekit is a gray and white splotched tom, Hawkkit is a brown tabby tom, Ternkit is a silver tabby, and Flickerkit is a white and brown splotched she-cat. Both litters seem to be in good health.

Finally the clan has gained a cat with healing ability. A loner named Ravenface has joined the clan, carrying herb knowledge with her from the mountains. For a moon has the clan been without any form of medicine cat, and for a moon the clan has suffered. But thanks to Ravenface, they might not have as hard a time as previously anticipated this Leaf-Bare.

Little has been said about this clan's rumored name. Some say the leader didn't even name them, and that the cats of the clan just began calling themselves that. It would certainly suit the nature that this clan has begun to put up. Proud, independent, and aggressive, the cats of Marshclan aren't afraid to speak whats on their mind. There has been some conflict between clanmates over the seemingly bull-headed nature that many cats in the group share, and there are whispers that their high ranking cats may not be suited to their positions. Some, names unnamed to preserve their reputations, think that they could do a better job of leading the clan. Will this lead to further conflict? It seems like only time will tell.

A new apprentice has been named. Honeyheart's daughter, Pinepaw, was recently apprenticed to the deputy Duskblaze. Many other young rogueborn cats earned their apprentice names- but not Pinepaw's own brothers, Cherrykit and Gullkit. With both toms being deaf, neither had learned to talk by the age of six moons. There are whispers of a weak bloodline, but the leader defends her kits fiercely. 

One moon has passed since the night the sky turned red, and yet no second gathering has taken place. Cedarclan and Marshclan have been in contact with one another- Cedar having sent a patrol to investigate whether Marsh still survived- but both groups had decided it too early to call in a second gathering. There has been no sign from Starclan that they ought to have attended. In fact, Starclan has had no contact with the newly formed clans at all. For better or for worse, Starclan has been silent since the bloodmoon. Perhaps since the war began, if the red sky was not their doing. Some are antsy about this. Wondering if this is the right thing to do after all. Starlingfur and Honeyheart do their best to reassure their respective clans, but one has to wonder...

Ooc Updates

BOY THERE ARE A LOT OF THESE. Ooc updates are the main reason that this site update couldn't wait until October 1st. We'll put these in bullet points, so they're nice and concise.

  • New sub-boards for the clans and their territories have been added! Now you can roleplay your characters in a proper territory again, and see descriptions for camp appearance and such. Remember to check the map page for territory landmarks!

  • Speaking of, the map has been updated. Territories are now displayed in their own colors. Brown marks the Cedarclan borders, Orange marks the Marshclan borders. The map page as a whole has been slightly updated, landmarks have been sorted more carefully and some wording has been adjusted. Locations should be clear, but if you have any questions feel free to ask Maple!

  • And while we're talking about clans, a new page detailing information on both of our current groups has been added! Find things like location, demeanor, activity, and hunting styles all over here. As the clans grow and change, this page will be updated. So keep an eye on it!

  • Site shop has been updated. Adjusted prices, items removed and added.

  • The theme Flash Fire has been taken down. Not permanently, just for the time being until some kinks are worked out. It'll be up before you know it, but we don't want to rush anything! However, another new theme has been added! Named Fallen Starlight, it's darkly colored and themed after our new advert.

  • Advert? What do you mean, advert? That's right! Fallen Starlight has a new advertisement, located here. Made by yours truly- Maple! Advertising and affiliations are both open again! And you can bet your tail that there will a whole lot of both of those. Keep an eye out for that affiliates bar on the home page updating as we make new friends and find more wonderful sites to link up with! <3

  • Custom fonts have been added to the posting page. Nine in total! Wow! They include Raleway, Overlock, Josefin Slab, Architect's Daughter, Amatic SC, Julius Sans One, Poiret One, Homemade Apple, and Playfair Display. Play around with em! Do whatever ya want! The world (and font face dropdown) is your oyster.

  • Otms are back! What are otms, a new member might ask? Well I'm here to tell you! OTM stands for Of The Month. As in, character of the month, song of the month, month of the month... You get the idea. The most important or interactive characters of the month get a spotlight here in the news post and a spot on the sidebar! For the entire next month! Nifty, huh? But how are these chosen? Might be another question. But thats simple! Voting! Each member gets a vote for every category in a thread that will be put up near the end of every month. There, you can pick a tom, she-cat, duo, and thread each that you think has really stood out this month. And whoever wins, gets a month-long display on the homepage and sidebar! Our current categories are Tom, she-cat, duo, and thread. But those might change or grow as time goes on! But for now, lets take a look at our winners for September!


She-cat of the month: Starlingfur

 From rogue to leader to mother, Starlingfur has seen a lot of action this past month. The sleepy, thoughtful, and average she-cat has gone from nothing to everything in the blink of an eye. Putting her past deputy experience to good use, she formed one of the two clans following the bloodmoon. Cedarclan. A pillar of peace and strength in this war-torn basin. Just one moon after claiming leadership, she gave birth to four healthy kits. Balancing leadership and motherhood in this crazy world is hard work, and Starlingfur has been more than a little anxious throughout the ride. She's had ups and downs but works day and night to do all she can, has vowed to make the forest a better place for future generations.

Tom of the month: Boltfang

A complicated past and a shattered personality, Boltfang has kept to the sidelines this month. But even when staying away from clanmates and walking alone, his struggle shows clear. Keeping to himself. Fearing growing close, for terror of losing everything all over again. Boltfang is at war with himself, but he's found solace in a reunion with his long-lost mate, Fernheart. Not only that, but he finds himself with a sister! And a family on the way! He may be broken, with his memory tossed to the wind, but after much strugle Boltfang is trying to build a better life for himself.

Pairing of the month: Birchtail/Starlingfur

Fifteen moons and going strong. Starlingfur and Birchtail are easily one of the most loving couples in the forest at this point in time. They first met seasons ago, when Birchtail was only a kit and Starlingfur a young warrior. But it wasn't until the great journey when they truly bonded. In times of hardship, they found comfort in one another. Starlingfur was nervous, having had bad experiences in the past with love. But Birchtail had enough warmth and enthuseasm in his heart for the both of them. Fifteen moons ago, they finally made it official. And not a day has gone by where one of them has regreted the decision. Birchtail has helped Starlingfur through the rocky beginnings of leadership and pre-kitting fears, and Starlingfur has come to rely on Birchtail's presence and trusts him more than any other. The two have recently begun a family, sporting four healthy kits by the names of Shrikekit, Hawkkit, Flickerkit, and Ternkit. And who knows what the future will bring!

Thread of the month: Setting Aside Our Differences

For twelve moons the cats of the basin had struggled, broken and alone. Warring leader against deputy, mother against kit. Savagry had taken the mountains in its horrid talons and showed no signs of letting go. Until the sky ran red with the blood of the fallen. Whether a sign from Starclan or no, cats gathered to the Aurora Hill. Tradition pulled broken warriors back to where they knew they had to be. How many gatherings had been skipped- how much blood had been spilled on nights of the full moon? Enough to dye the sky red. And that was when they knew. This... horror. It had to end. One way or another. And for many cats, another was the option chosen. Thus marked the beginning of the reformation of the clans.

That wraps up the end of this site update! Who knows what the next one will bring? Well... we'll just have to wait and see! Meet you back here next time!


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